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  • What is the effective range of the built-in front ultrasonic sonar sensor?

    The effective range of the built-in front ultrasonic sensor is 5 feet (1.5 m) when flying in Smart Mode and Angle Mode. Typhoon H will operate at a slower speed with the sonar sensors on.
  • What is the effective range of the Typhoon H?

    The Typhoon H’s effective range with the ST16 controller is up to 1 mile. Please remember to keep FAA guidelines in mind while in use.
  • What flight modes does the Typhoon H have?

    The Typhoon H flight modes are: Smart, Angle, Orbit, Point of Interest, Curve Cable Cam, Journey, Follow Me, Watch Me, Dynamic Return to Home, and Auto Take Off.
  • How does the Typhoon H Dynamic Return to Home mode work?

    Dynamic Return to Home allows you to move your location while in flight. Should you need to enable the Dynamic Return to Home option, your Typhoon H will return to your current location rather than from where you lifted off. Additionally, you can still pilot Typhoon H while in Dynamic Return to Home while on its vertical descent to pinpoint the final landing location.
  • What Geo Fence and flight safety features are built into Typhoon H?

    The built-in GPS on the Typhoon H establishes a 26 ft (8m) diameter Smart Circle around the pilot when taking off and landing, and also creates a Geo Fence that keeps the aircraft from traveling farther than 300 ft (91m) from the pilot's position. Typhoon H is programmed to be FAA compliant, meaning that it does not travel higher than 400 ft (122m) and prevents flight in no fly zones.
  • What are the benefits of the six rotors on Typhoon H?

    The six rotors allow for the Typhoon H to have a greater overall payload. Further, the additional two rotors create redundancy and act as a failsafe system, so if one motor fails, the Typhoon H can make a safe five-rotor flight landing.
  • Does the 360-degree gimbal have an unlimited range of motion?

    The 360-degree gimbal can complete a full rotation without being inhibited by wires, which allows unlimited panning with the new CGO3+ camera.
  • What are the benefits of retractable landing gear?

    The Typhoon H landing gear retracts during flight to seamlessly remove itself from the shot for unobstructed views.
  • What are the benefits of the new easy propeller system?

    The Typhoon H quick release system provides fast and easy propeller installation for efficient storage and set-up.
  • What type of remote control is used with the Typhoon H, and what are the highlights?

    The Typhoon H is compatible with the ST16 Personal Ground Station.The ST16 Personal Ground Station is an all-inclusive transmitter and receiver that gives full control over the Typhoon H during flight, allowing users to capture photos and shoot video with great ease. With a large 7-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink, the Android-based ST16 controller displays real-time footage of your flight, eliminating the need for an external device.
  • How does the Typhoon H team mode work?

    With Team Mode, you can bind one Ground Station to Typhoon H and another Ground Station to the CGO3+ camera simultaneously. Capturing truly creative content is vastly more practical with cooperation between pilot and camera operator.
  • What upgrade(s) were made to the CGO3+ camera?

    The CGO3+ has a new glass lens in the camera. Further, the 3-axis anti-vibration CGO3+ gimbal camera captures ultra-stable video and vivid still images and can be rotated in an unlimited, 360-degree range of motion. The CGO3+ gimbal camera features an improved 115-degree wide-angle fixed focus lens, and integrated video downlink module that delivers 720p real image transmission of your flight as well as the option of manual camera settings. Steady video can be captured in stunning 4K up to 30fps and beautiful slow motion video can be captured in 1080p up to 120fps.
  • What is the flight time of Typhoon H?

    The Typhoon H has 22 minutes of flight time while filming with the CGO3+ 4K-resolution camera.
  • What is the flight speed of the Typhoon H?

    The Typhoon H has a maximum flying speed of 30mph (13.5 m/s) in Angle Mode, 43.5mph (19.4 m/s) in Follow Me Mode and 13mph (6 m/s) in Smart Mode. The Typhoon H also has a maximum climbing speed of 11mph (5 m/s) and maximum descending speed of 6 mph (3 m/s).
  • What is new compared to the Typhoon 4K?

    The Typhoon H can be equipped with an all new optical obstacle avoidance system powered by Intel Real sense. With every model the Typhoon H comes with a built-in ultrasonic sensor, which allows the unit to detect obstacles autonomously, ensuring a more stable, intelligent and safer flight. Additional flight features include Orbit, Point of Interest,Curve Cable Cam, Journey and Auto Take Off. While in flight, the Typhoon H pilot can retract the landing gear and rotate the gimbal 360-degrees for uninhibited aerial photography and videos.
  • Is the Typhoon H modular?

    The Typhoon H is a modular design that allows for accessories to be added onto the housing. Some additional accessories may require a factory install and calibration to allow for a seamless integration.
  • What does the H stand for?

    The H is short for hexacopter. The Typhoon H is equipped with six rotors.
  • What is the size comparison between the Typhoon H and Typhoon Q500 4K?

    Typhoon H: Dimensions – 27.99x27.99x11.57 inches; Takeoff Weight – 63.5 ounces or 3.97 pounds. Typhoon Q500 4K: Dimensions – 22.2x16.5x8.3 inches; Takeoff Weight – 60 ounces or 3.75 pounds
  • How compact is the Typhoon H?

    The Typhoon H has quick disconnect props for speedy removal from the motors, and each rotor arm easily folds down from its flight position to a resting position against the drone for easy and compact transportation using a custom-designed hard case/backpack. Carbon fiber is used extensively to decrease weight and increase durability.